Eudora to SpamCop v. 1.1

This version has been replaced by v. 1.2. Please go to the new page for information and download link. Posting to this page is now closed.

This is an AppleScript for quickly reporting spam to SpamCop from within Eudora. In addition to queueing a properly formatted spam report in your outbox, it has the following features:

  1. NEW!: Submission of multiple selected messages at one invocation.
  2. If message has been left on server, script can be configured to set that message to be deleted.
  3. Attachments to the spam are deleted automatically, with or without notification, according to user preferences.
  4. Script can mark the spam as read, and can optionally trash it or move it to the Junk folder.

Download & Enjoy!

Unfortunately, there aren’t adequate verbs in Eudora’s AppleScript dictionary for a robust implementation of the Junk mail feature. Moving an e-mail to the Junk folder does assign a score of 100 to it (though it takes a while to see that), but I’m not sure if it properly updates the Bayesian filters the way the Junk command does. Consider it a workaround implementation until we either get native verbs for it, or until keystroke programming becomes standard in Mac OS X.

* This script is intended for Mac OS X v 10.2, and Eudora 6, but might also work with Eudora 5.2, though obviously without the Junk mail functionality.

3 Comments to “Eudora to SpamCop v. 1.1”  

  1. 1 Derek Tom

    Hi Kristofer,

    Thanks for creating this. I have been using Philipp’s script for quite some time. Your script looks great but unfortunately I’m getting this error when I run it on spam in my IMAP Inbox (works just fine on local mailboxes):

    Eudora got an error: File some object wasn’t found.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions on getting this to work for me.

    I am running Eudora 6.0.1 on Mac OS 10.3.2.

    Thanks very much for your time.


  2. 2 Anonymous


  3. 3 Gib Henry

    SpamCop always complains:

    error: couldn’t parse head
    Message body parser requires full, accurate copy of message

    This apparently results from line breaks appearing in the header info, or from failure to indent continuation lines of a given header. Is there a fix/work-around for this problem? Perhaps a way to suppress wrapping? Cheers,

    Gib Henry

    [Kristofer: Gib, this has been fixed in the new version of Eudora to SpamCop. Thanks for the error report.]