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The long (and somewhat bitterly) awaited AppleJack 1.6 with support for Snow Leopard has been released and is immediately available from

Current Version: There would probably be no AppleJack for Leopard or Snow Leopard without the yeoman efforts of Steve Anthony. He put in countless hours into solving the Leopard startup riddle, thereby giving Leopard compatibility a chance at seeing the light of day. Also, I wish to thank Dave Provine at Premier Mac for helping kickstart the development process by providing 3 test partitions of Snow Leopard for me to mess with. A big thank you.

Testers: Thanks also to Charly Avital, Joshua Long (MacTech Magazine), John Stiver, Thomas Ungricht, and Matthew Weinman for risking their files (and their sanity) by helping test AppleJack before release on repeated occasions. Thanks also to all of you (too many to name) who have pitched in with the occasional bug report or test results.

+ Snow Leopard compatibility [feature 2845796] (Thanks again to Steve Anthony)
– Improved limits on output from syslog to STDOUT
– Simplified startup of services on Leopard and Snow Leopard
– Fixed bug in creation of user account lists in Snow Leopard where system accounts would show up
+ S.M.A.R.T. status verification is now being done in the expert mode. I still want to implement this using smartmontools, but for now diskutil will do.
+ Blessing of Mac OS X System folders on attached volumes is now possible. This is a primitive bless, ie, it does not create boot files, but simply blesses the chosen System folder and (optionally) sets it to be used for startup on next launch.

2 Comments to “AppleJack 1.6 released. Snow Leopard compatibility at last.”  

  1. 1 artie schlesinger

    I made my $5 AppleJack donation on 1-4-12, and it’s still sitting unclaimed at MasterCard as of 9:45AM EST on 1-14-12.

    I’d appreciate your taking care of business, because I don’t really want MasterCard to keep the money.



  2. 2 Robert Skillman

    The efforts of Steve Anthony regarding compatibility with Snow Leopard are much appreciated. However, many of us have now moved on to Lion. Might we expect to have compatibility issues if we are running Lion? Should Lion users not install AppleJack 1.6?

    [Lion users should not run AJ 1.6. There is a 1.7 compatible version in the sourceforge repository, but with no installer. No further development is expected for AppleJack as Apple’s recovery tools fill that void. –Ed]