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Josh Long, of MacTech Magazine, interviews Kristofer Widholm, lead developer of AppleJack, for an episode of MacTech Live.

The long (and somewhat bitterly) awaited AppleJack 1.6 with support for Snow Leopard has been released and is immediately available from

Smultron for Tiger Users

I was saddened to see that the lovely, generous, and top-notch independent developer Peter Borg decided to quit developing his sharp little text editor “Smultron” (which is Swedish for wild strawberry, in case you’re wondering).

The package is still available from, of course, but if you are a Mac OS X tiger user like I am, you might be discouraged to note that none of the recent releases work with Tiger, and there are no release notes or comments indicating which file is the most up-to-date Tiger-compatible release.

I did some brute-force testing, and discovered that version 3.1.2 of Smultron is the last release that supported Tiger.

You can download Smultron for Tiger here:

One of the reasons I like Smultron so much is that it supports bash syntax highlighting, something BBEdit has never done. (I might also add, incidentally, parenthetically, sotto voce, etc, that the bash syntax hightlighting was a feature Mr. Borg generously included due to me literally begging for it.)

Now I’m sure he’s working on the next great thing. Meanwhile, a fork of Smultron has been created (aptly named Fraise, French for strawberry) and development goes on.

I open the box. Inside the box is the largest and heaviest trophy I’ve ever received. It’s a sixteen inch, bronze and gold plated statue featuring an androgynous, futuristic, vaguely human being holding aloft—what is it, a Mac SE 30? Evidently, AppleJack has received an Editor’s Choice award from MacWorld.

Tax Software for Mac OS X

Regardless of the ‘Switch’ ads’ sanguine approach to entering the promised land of Mac OS X, there are some areas in which Mac use can be somewhat frustrating. One of these areas is financial software. Every year, at tax time, I am left wondering what features are going to be left out of the Mac […]