BBDiff: quick patch file generation from within BBEdit

While BBEdit has a great tool for comparing and applying changes between files, it does not generate standard .patch files that can be used for bug reports, code fixes, and change logging. BBDiff will compare the contents of the frontmost window to the contents of the window just behind it, and will use the diff […]

Eudora to SpamCop v 1.2. Fixes submission format

This is an AppleScript for quickly reporting spam to SpamCop from within Eudora. This version fixes the format of submissions to SpamCop to comply with SpamCop’s new, more strict header parsing routines

Eudora to SpamCop v. 1.1

An AppleScript for easily reporting spam to SpamCop from Eudora

In using Mac OS X over the past two years, I have from time to time wished I could quickly switch my view of files in the Finder from hiding hidden files to showing them, and back again. Often, instead of going the cumbersome route of resetting the visibility settings in SystemPreferences and then restarting the Finder, I have just fired up a Terminal window in the directory and done a ‘ls -al’.

Now, however, thanks to a thread begun by “frogstomp” at <>, I have put together a little AppleScript that does this quickly and easily from within the Finder. You can add to the sweetness by launching the script via a quick keystroke by using a macro program like HotApp or QuickKeys to bind a command key sequence to the script. Enjoy!
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